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The Right Way to Choose the Area for PCD Pharma Franchise to Increase the Marketing Sales

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Most of the pharma companies these days rely on Propaganda Cum Distribution (PCD) as it provides a better avenue to generate higher sales and reach up to various people at the same time. While these pharma companies are giving away franchise to the local people, it is also necessary to understand that the selection of location and working area should be done precisely so as to not undergo any losses. Working area should be under the direct access of the individual.

Attaining a PCD franchise from a Pharma company differs from the job of a Medical Representative (MR) in a company. Working at the post of MR, the company provides you all the necessary allowances for traveling, accommodation, internet expenses, etc. and the profit or loss is borne by the company itself. Whereas, in the case of pharma franchise, the loss and profits have to be borne by the distributor itself. Moreover, the marketing area is also decided by the company in an MR Job, but the PCD franchise owner has to select the area to market on its own. So, it becomes more important to select the right area and then work efficiently in that zone to generate better sales revenue.

Important things to remember while selecting the right area for PCD pharma franchise –

Do not try to spread your reach at far off places, like in the nearby 2 – 3 districts. It is because you would not be able to handle the stockiest or distribution stores’ sales directly and the sales of those pharma distribution units would be difficult to track.

Even after you have an influential reach at the far-off districts as well, there is a greater probability that the sales would not be up to the standards as compared to those under your direct supervision.

When an MR gets a PCD franchise for pharma products, it seems easier for the person to generate higher sales as the individual must be having a stronger association with the doctors in nearby districts. The idea of cashing in all the doctors from the nearby places would help in increasing the sales, but the perspective here proves wrong. The reasons behind this are –

  1. The cost of transportation and traveling to those places would be higher.
  2. All the expenses will be solely borne by the individual and not the pharma company.
  3. Reimbursement of the expenses is not an option in PCD pharma franchise.
  4. Tracking of the sales and recovery becomes difficult. One cannot go daily and check with each distributor. Thus, there are higher chances of falling revenue.
  5. Improper tracking and supervision can also lead to delayed payments from the far-off distributors.
  6. You are liable to be taken advantage by the chemist as you only inspect them once or twice a month.
  7. One cannot track the replacement in the marketing of PCD pharma.
  8. The stockiest are mostly expert in their stock areas. The one you would appoint cannot provide better results for the area outside his expertise limits. Thus, creating a limitation for your sales.
  9. The far-off chemist shops may sometimes not receive the stocks on time, which can hamper the reputation of the Pharma Company as well as yours.
  10. Working at the places outside your reach can cause great debts. The accounts would not be clear to you, which can lead to various nonmoving products under short expiry.

In a propaganda cum distribution business, it is important to limit yourself to a smaller area. This ensures that the individual will be receiving higher sales than debts. Moreover, the stocks will be updates within time. Select the apt area for marketing with the greater density of doctors that can be managed well.

What Are the Points to Keep in Mind before Selecting the PCD Pharma Franchise?

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The pharma companies are targeting to increase their market reach up to different parts of the country and world. For this, they are employing business strategies like propaganda cum distribution (PCD) franchise in order to attain business expansion. The result of PCD franchise proves beneficial at certain levels. It not only helps in the growth of the business but also helps the unemployed individuals to set up their own business.

Pharma companies are leading sector in employing PCD franchise. The pharma products need to be distributed amongst various consumers on-time and to reach more consumers.

The choice of the right pharma franchise is very important. You would not like to invest your money into a company that is in its declining phase. Large-scale pharma companies are in search of individuals to provide them monopoly rights over distributions and sales. The returns and expenses are borne by the franchise holder and thus, it is important to review some essential aspects of the PCD pharma franchise.

What are the points that need to be taken care of while choosing the pharma franchise?

The first and foremost points that need to be taken care of are –

  • The products’ quality. It is necessary to keep a record of the products that are being offered for marketing and distribution by the company. Selling a product that is not liked by the consumers is absurd. Thus, it is highly recommended to authenticate the richness of the product quality. The endorsement of the DCGI (Drug Controller General of India) can also provide sufficient information about the realness of the products.
  • The need of consumers. While setting up your franchise in a target area, research becomes an essential tool to understand the needs of the consumers. Selling a product that is not used by the people in that area will cause you greater loss and would not even generate enough sales.
  • Rights of distribution. The monopoly or distribution rights provided to you by the company authorizes to sell their products at your store. One should also ensure that the target location is free from other competitors.
  • The stocks are refilled within time. It is the responsibility of the pharma company to ensure that the stock doesn’t run out. Easy availability of the products by the pharma company would be helpful in managing the stocks in no time. These points need to be cleared out by the company beforehand. The business gets hampered when the stocks are not available. Keep it as a clear point at first place.
  • The assortment of products available in the company.The range of products holds a greater value in the market. The individuals opting for the pharma franchise must check for the range of products available in the company and whether it suits well with your expectations. Select a company that provides you the expected range of products.

There are other factors that must be considered as well. Like, –

  1. The selection of vendors for the PCD pharma franchise and their expectations.
  2. Certification and approval by DCGI and government bodies.
  3. Conditions laid by the pharma company for providing PCD franchise
  4. Customer feedback forms
  5. Marketing aid along with the desirable conditions.

Checking upon all of these points would surely help you out in choosing the best PCD pharma franchise.

The Future of Pharma Companies in India have a Brighter Aspect

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The pharma sector has been developing tremendously in India. In return for this rapid growth, medical facilities and generic medicines are witnessing a sudden boost in the market. The cost of medicines has been reduced to rates that are cheaper even for a normal individual. The reach of the pharma companies have been ever expanding and now the consumers are increasing rapidly as well. All of this is occurring due to the breakthrough of the Indian market as an optimum platform to launch and establish pharma companies and ventures. The business launched in India is reaching sky limits. It is now much easier for the pharma startups to launch their business in India rather than in western nations.

There are various essential factors that provide the optimum conditions for this upsurge –

  1. India has been the most likely place for business all around the globe as it provides cheapest resources at your doorsteps. Be its labor costs, land and transportation costs or establishment of the manufacturing units in India – everything gets easier and cheaper in the Indian market.
  2. Stands out vividly from the western countries. India with its growing roots in the pharma industry makes it impossible for the western countries to beat it. Moreover, the western nations are shifting their business and manufacturing units in India to generate greater sales and marketing. This is creating greater opportunities for employment as well.
  3. The robust Research and Development units.With the presence of a solid infrastructure in the pharma industry, R&D also becomes an essential part of the pharma sector. India, being technically superior to other countries, provides individuals that are best suited for the development of new medicines and inventions. The technical competence of the country is unbeatable.
  4. Cheapest manpower available. India is a country which offers the cheapest manpower to the global market. Thus, the western nations look forth to India for developing and manufacturing their products and business setups. It becomes much easier and cheaper.
  5. Exploring new avenues in the pharma sector. The cost-cutting margins are huge in India, which enables the companies to try their hands in various other fields as well. It creates tremendous opportunities and possibilities.
  6. The production costs of medicines are low. As compared to the western countries, the cost of production in India is relatively lower. Due to this fact, the global market looks up to India for expanding their business and reach out to large consumer density.
  7. Indian ranking in the global market. According to the USFDA approved list for the largest number of pharma manufacturing plants, India stands out at the second position. This clears all doubts that remainin the mind of some people who think that India produces lower quality products.

India is going to be at the top of the worldwide pharma sector and would be the hotspot for business and employment opportunities very soon. Its per capita sales and marketing techniques are improving the standards and every individual can now get benefit from these facilities. The growth rate of per capita sales in pharma companies in 2016 has been 17.6 percent. Particularly, aided by the presence of PCD pharma franchise, businesses are growing their reach towards the consumers.

What are the Effects of GST on the Pharmaceutical Industry?

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The GST levied up on the pharma franchise companies have uplifted them in the Indian market by improvising registered network services and withdrawing assembling costs from the pharmaceutical industry.

Most of the pharmaceutical products lie under the category of 12 percent GST. After the declaration of the expense rates, various susceptibilities have now been well explained and cleared with the execution of GST.

PCD pharma companies have been greatly affected by the GST execution in the past year. A deeper outlook has been provided in the following points as an attempt to highlight different aspects of GST –

The aspects that are noteworthy are –

  1. Excise Free Zones. The pharma companies in India have been at the topmost position due to the extract free zones. The execution of GST will be affecting the pharma companies that are still having some extract free exclusions due in their accounts. Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have been the leading players in the pharmaceutical industry in the Indian market. The major concerns still revolve around the fate of the pharma companies established at remote ranges which costs more while transportation as compared to any other state.
  2. Promotion of companies. Almost all companies in the pharma industry encourage imposing key points provided by extract free zones. The expenses are estimated to be around 1.5 percent.
  3. Excise Duty Zones. The production companies in pharma sector paying excise duty need to pay extract obligation as well as the VAT. The costs of such companies are significantly higher than the companies categorized under extract free zones.
  4. Drug Price Control Order (DPCO).The PCD pharma companies are bearing the effects of price control. The duty prices are going higher and the companies cannot increase products’ maximum retail price (MRP) as a result of extract free zones. This leads to the diminishing of various small-scale organizations from the Indian market.
  5. Manufacturing Units. The production units under the excise zone are being profited by the Goods and Services Tax but the assembling units are undergoing significant loss as a result of GST execution.
  6. Pharmaceuticals without the invoice. The execution of GST cannot act upon the cessation of buying medicines without proper prescription but it will surely act strongly upon the purchase of medicines without authentic bills. The government gets charged at the MRP values and if in any case, the bills are skipped then it will be charged upon the provider.

What Are the Benefits of Having A PCD Pharma Franchise?

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Pharma companies are engaging their customers and reaching out to more people via propaganda cum distribution (PCD) franchise. It is a well-acknowledged business strategy followed by the businesses in the pharma sector. This enables them to expand the marketing area as well as engage more individuals in their distribution circle.

PCD pharma franchise is a better alternative to improve the sales and get a better hold on the market and customers. Despite this marketing strategy, it is also important to understand that the quality and range of products are also equally important to maintain the status of the pharma company.

There are various advantages associated with the PCD pharma franchise. It is a win-win situation for both the company as well as the investor. Since the franchise holder does not work directly under the company, it gets maximum share of the returns. On the other hand, the company gets to expand its reach to various marketing locations and gain popularity within lesser time.

The notable advantages provided by the PCD pharma franchise are –

  1. Better career options. This is the major benefits that one gains from PCD pharma franchise. One needs not to set up a business from scratch. A well-established name and business platform are available with ample investment in the business. The expansion of the franchise business can be done as and when required.
  2. Being your own boss. While owning a business franchise of a PCD pharma company, one gains the monopoly rights to sell, distribute and supply the product range offered by the company. In such situations, you are not working with anyone and can take the decisions on your own. You can manage the terms and conditions on your own as the company only concerns with the sales generated by the franchise.
  3. Fruitful Investments. Spending your money and assets in buying PCD pharma franchise is a better option as it is one of the leading sectors all over the globe. Moreover, a small investment and limited area of marketing can provide you enough returns. It does not require huge investment or money and time. One can always level up by increasing the investment value.
  4. Administration cost is lower. One can start their PCD pharma franchise with a staff as low as a single person. The ratio of the number of staff members can be selected on the basis of the marketing area. Smaller the area, smaller the staff and thus, reduced costs of administration. You can save a lot of the profits gained.
  5. Marketing costs are low. This is a boon as the pharma companies have already well-established name which makes it easier for the individual to sell their products. There is huge cost-cutting in the marketing of the same. Moreover, the pharma companies also provide various marketing materials and promotional matters.
  6. Easily available. One can search for the PCD pharma companies for franchise very easily. There are online websites which provide detailed information about the companies that provide PCD franchise as well their expanded marketing areas.
  7. Reasonable profits earned. The individual owning a PCD pharma franchise can earn significant returns from the sale. A substantial income can be made by minimal investment and maximum hard work.

Making a Career from PCD Pharma Franchise

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Pharmaceutical companies deal not only with the production of medicinal drugs but also employs PCD franchise for sale and distribution of their products. They engage various individuals as Medical Representatives of their company. These individuals reach up to the potential buyers and expand the sales and customers of respective companies. The potential buyers can vary from target doctors, chemists, pharmacists, or nurses all over the target area.

All you need is good communication skills and elementary knowledge of medicinal drugs that you are dealing with. Marketing skills work perfectly while persuading the target audience to buy the products. It is important that the individuals contact respective pharma companies for the job. The richness of skills can easily get you a job with handsome salary package.

What are the roles and duties of a medical representative?

A medical representative has to mainly increase the sales of the products for the company. All the expenses – be it traveling, internet usage, accommodation, etc. – are borne by the pharma company itself. The medical representatives cannot choose the target marketing area. The pharma companies do that for you. The MR comes into play while engaging with the potential customers.

The other significant roles associated with the MR Job profile are –

  • Collection of effective marketing material for the pharma company’s products
  • Analyzing the target audience in a particular marketing location
  • Planning out presentations for company conferences
  • Setting up meetings with the higher authorities in the healthcare industry for the company
  • Building strong association with the clients on behalf of company
  • Formation of a robust sales team
  • Evaluation of the competitors in the market
  • Keeping track of the sales and market demands periodically
  • Managing to attain the target sales within due time
  • Submitting progress and growth report to the higher authorities

With the growing interest and expertise in the field, one can also opt for the desired location for marketing. It is better to reach out to a familiar location for marketing for the products as you have already stronger association there. This becomes a boon for you and your time is also conserved. More knowledge and deeper insight of the market can help you a lot in reaching sky heights. It may happen that the company offers you a list of products to choose from or a set product range is provided by the company. Market research will be an additional push to your bright future in this industry.

How much one earns in this job?

While talking about the income – the sky is limit. One can earn limitless with utmost dedication and perfect networking skills in this pharma industry.

One can easily choose the audience they want to connect with and can persuade them well to sell your company’s products. It is a great start to the bright future in the industry. One can work as per their dedication and earn accordingly.